The Cantabrico 90cms

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* Our Review 'I was lucky enough to own one of these guns during last season, with several of us having plenty of time (and fish!) with this work of art! Deadly accurate, super light and so easy to move through the water.' This impressive wooden speargun made by Paulasub was originally designed for nothern spain, where fishing is similar to the UK, with many of the same species in residence. Initial testing of this new project began in November 2007; since then numerous different tests/prototypes have been carried out with different types of wood, shapes and configurations until the final product was reached. RAW MATERIAL Like all the guns made by Paulasub, the wood used for these is carefully chosen, since here the density of the wood plays a very important role. What is intended with this gun is to be as light as possible so that the gun is highly manouverable and thus make instinctive shots, almost without aiming. All their spearguns are made of laminated wood glued together against the grain and with a carbon fiber reinforcement in the lower part of the shaft to provide more rigidity to the set. The wood used in the manufacture of the spearguns is completely dry through natural processes and with optimal humidity conditions that give us reliability in the final product. Taking into account that the wood already comes completely dry from the suppliers; Paulasub make sure of this by having the wood in their facilities for a minimum of 2 years before being processed.   CHARACTERISTICS The shaft is made up of four lateral plates and a central one made of different wood, which helps to give stability to the whole gun.
 All the milling of the spearguns are made on a CNC machine, which gives them a better finish and come out perfect. The gun starts from a maximum section that narrows as we get closer to the head ,to the minimum necessary dimensions, so that the gun does not suffer twisting or deformation once it is loaded. The spear is housed throughout its entire length by the integral guide in the wood of the shaft itself, made in the same thickness as the spear so that when the shot is fired the spear does not buckle and the shot does not deviate. SETTING The rifle is fitted as standard with the MVD Predator reverse trigger mechanism , made entirely of stainless steel with a built-in thread clamp. A 17.5mm Progressive rubber from the Primeline brand and a 6.25mm spear, to ensure the light but perfectly balanced gun.
   HANDLE The grip is the brand's new identity statement, which makes it unique. It is carved from a solid block of wood, where they have incorporated into the wood itself. It is manufactured using CNC processes, which makes sure that all the grips, both right and left-handed, come out totally the same and with the same angle of inclination. The grip is assembled to the shaft by means of two dovetails, which makes it impossible for it to be a weak point of attachment. It is an ergonomic handle, with a small support for the thumb to minimise rotation of the gun within the hand. 
The handle also has a "grip" carved into the wood itself to prevent it from slipping   FINISH The speargun is finished with several layers of a special varnish to provide total waterproofing of the wood and to give a homogeneous finish to the entire speargun. With a matte finish to avoid reflections. The gun is available in 90cm only.  We currently stock right handed guns. 
 Also with the option to add an MVD reel to complete the setup.