About Us



My name is David Stephens. I was born in 1980 in Poole, Dorset. I started Spearfishing and playing Underwater Hockey from the age of around 5. My dad, Alan, an avid Spearfisherman and Underwater Hockey player himself encouraged these passions.

I have represented Great Britain at both Spearfishing and Underwater Hockey, also competing nationally in both. In Spearfishing, I am the current British Champion, winning the National Championships in 2021 and 2022 . Also winning several other individual competitions over the years.

In Underwater Hockey, I have represented Great Britain on several occasions, and I am proud to have won two European Silver medals and one World Championship Bronze. With my national club team, Southsea, I have competed to win two European Gold and two Silver medals as well as eight National Championships!


Why Us?

First of all, not all fins are equal. When it comes to selecting the correct Fins4u, we evaluate the many factors that need to be considered including: weight, fitness, type of use, depth, boat/shore and tide. These will naturally vary depending on which underwater sport you need them for. We also consider what material, blade stiffness, size and angle will be best suited to the individual. These assessments allow us to find the best Fins4u.

Secondly, we only sell what we have used and tested ourselves. Based on this experience and knowledge, it allows us to recommend the best Fins4u and also Spearfishing equipment.

Finally, our family run business has over 80 years of experience in both Spearfishing and Underwater Hockey within the company (both nationally and internationally).


About Us

 We started in 2006 selling just a few products. We soon started to develop and make our own fins as well as continuing to find and test others to create a one-stop-shop for fins. With our Spearfishing knowledge, we have also started to design, test and supply Spearfishing equipment.

The first two fins we developed were our popular Pure Evolution and Pure Evolution DP, both pure Carbon Spearfishing/Freediving fins, using the incredibly light Pathos Foot Pockets.

We then moved on to make our K8 Underwater Hockey Fins, again using the Pathos Foot Pockets, creating a light and powerful option to the Underwater Hockey world.

Furthermore, we have created options on the Leaderfins Spearfishing/Freediving range by having plain blades created, which are then used with the Pathos Foot Pockets (adding our own T-edging).

In 2020, we have released our Seafire range of Spearfishing Fins, designed for shallow water fishing. These have a smaller blade resulting in a quick and agile performance. Additionally, they have added end protection.

Over the years, we are proud to have partnered with several international underwater product suppliers such as: Pathos, Leaderfins and Alchemy. More recently, this has extended to our partnership with Spear Dock Limited meaning we are now the authorised dealer of Tarpon Spearfishing, C4 Carbon and MVD. As part of our partnership with Spear Dock, we have some 'Special Projects' we are working on together. This will see even more innovative, customised and pioneering products manufactured.

From this partnership we developed the 'Fury' speargun, for which was used as the speargun of choice to win the British Spearfishing Championships in 2021 and 2022.

We have chosen to partner with these companies as they fit with our company ethos to bring the best range of products to our customers. We look forward to continuing to bring the next generation of products to the market.