Tarpon Camo Spear V3 Wetsuit

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The new Tarpon Camospear V3, produced using Jako Neoprene, a perfect balance between elasticity and resistence.

Anatomical shaped for a close and comfortable fit.

Jackets come in 7mm , with 5mm trousers as standard
New exclusive camo pattern, chest loading protections and elbow and knee power stickers for extra protection without losing stretch and comfort.


Available in 5 sizes

M-160 to 170 cm / 65/70 kg
L- 170 to 175 cm / 70/75 kg
XL- 175 to 180 cm / 75/85kg
XXL- more than 180 / 85 to 95 kg
3XL more than 185 cm and 100 to 110 kg