Salvimar Ares Speargun 85cms

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Salvimar Ares - Now with a free Reel

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Salvimar Ares - Striking design which certainly looks the part. Performs as well as it looks.  Nice comfortable handle , which sits nicely in your hand, relatively easy to load with the twin rubbers , which have more than enough power (without being too powerful for the 6.5mm spear).  Easy to use line release (accessible with gloves on).  Thin new designed thin barrel brings several advantages - easy to move through the water -  quick aiming - comfortable water position - accurate shots in different scenarios (long/short range as will as quick snap shots) .  Short spear overhang at the end of the gun.  Nice compact solid reel, little drag throught the water making it a great add to the overall setup.


  • R.F.S.C (Rolling, Friction, Self-Centring)release mechanism
  • Self-centring release system with rolling friction
  • Shaft with line-of-sight collimation system
  • Adjustable trigger M.I.M Technology
  • Anodised barrel with elliptical section and external stiffening ribs
  • Perfect hydrostatic balance with 6.5 mm shaft supplied as standard
  • Compatible with all Salvimar reels
  • Compatible with all Salvimar shafts
  • Muzzle with separate holes for 14/16 mm bands
  • Perfect shaft-bands alignment
  • Increased sideline passage to facilitate the fixing of the shaft
  • Integrated spear guide
  • Customizable sideline release right left
  • Fixing ring under the stainless-steel handle 4mm thick
  • Shaft length calculated to avoid the O-ring for closing the wing
  • Rear sight for easy aiming