Fins4u Pure Evolution DP

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100% Pure Carbon Blades, with Pathos Foot Pockets

An alternative round end blade to the 'Pure Evolution' . - A review from apnea addict 

The round end design was developed to meet the needs of Dave Pearce of the GB Spearfishing Team, for the World Championships in Viigo Spain

Incredibly light and reactive due to the highest quality pure carbon blades, as well as the light comfortable Pathos foot pockets.

T shaped water flow edging, which is designed to keep the fins straighter whilst finning, for increased efficiency.

Our fin blades are made of advanced carbon (100%) material with an epoxy resin, which is also used in both the aerospace and automotive industry to name a few.  Each blade goes through a very tightly controlled production process to ensure the highest possible standard.  They are Produced under high pressure/high temperature (up to 140˚C ), which combine to make the blades ultra-reactive and durable (retain their quality for many years).

Medium stiffness blade as standard, with soft pathos pockets, for the ideal setup. If you require anything else please contact us



Width – 20cms

Length- 78cms


20 (Soft) - 226 grams

25 (Medium) - 237 grams

30 (Hard) - 251 grams

Angle - 21 degrees

Foot Pockets

Pathos Fireblade (Size 42-44, weight 404grams) - Now available in Standard hardness and a new softer version

Size Options

36-38 – 232mm x 94mm

38-40 – 242mm x 96mm

40-42 – 255mm x 98mm

42-44 – 265mm x 100mm

44-46 – 280mm x 100mm

46-48 – 290mm x 103mm

48-50 – 300mm x 105mm

Width, measured from widest point (all internal measurements)

Overall Fin

Width – 20cms

Length – 92cms

Weight – 793grams (based on medium blade, with 44-46 foot pocket)

Your fins will arrive ready to go! We carefully take the time to ensure that the blades are stuck to the footpockets, with a professional finish. This process can take a few days, allowing us to trim the blade so it fits the foot pocket perfectly so that the angle is the correct place for optimum performance.

Please call us on 07595 466393 to discuss your specific details/requirements/sizing, or just for a general chat! Alternatively email us at


UK - 7 to 12 working days

Europe - 7 to 15 working days

America - 7 to 15 working days

Rest of the world - 12 to 17 working days

The Pure Evolution DP blades come with a 2 year warranty.

Review - Lars Isaksen, Apneists UK

As a spearfisher and competitive freediver using bi-fins I am always looking for gains in efficiency and reliability. At the 2013 Great Northern International Pool Freediving Competition UK I used the Fins4u 'Pure Evolution DP' fins for the first time in competition and delivered the top bi-fin performance of 124m - a personal best ! The Fins4u 'Pure Evolution DP' are a real eye-opener and undoubtedly gave me the edge! They are amazingly powerful, but allow a comfortable and relaxed finning movement which is critical in both freediving and spearing.

 I think one of the break-through points about the Fins4u 'Pure Evolution DP' is the use of top-quality Pathos foot pockets delivering unrivalled power to blades of the highest possible grade. The foot-pocket is shaped for performance and gives real reliable energy transfer, but at the same time it achieves a high level of comfort - this is a rare and much sought after combination.

I would trust this fin on any freediving depth dive or deeper spearfishing descents where power and reliability is key. On top of that the production quality is excellent. From my experince the Fins4u 'Pure Evolution DP' is well worth it as a longer-term investment for the intermediate and advanced freediver and spearo.

Lars Isaksen, Apneists UK'



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    Pure Evolution DP

    Posted by STUART RAFFEL on 30th Jun 2021


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    Pure EVO

    Posted by Jacob Fitch on 30th Mar 2021

    just got back from a lunch time dive. Did a few nice drops and I've got to say the fins are prefect, lightweight and comfortable. Even in 10 meters I noticed my bottom had improved. Should have upgraded from the plastics years ago. Cheers Dave