F4U 'Fury' V2 Speargun 82cm

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*update - The Fury was used to win the 2021 and 2022 British Spearfishing Championships by Fins4u owner Dave Stephens*

New upgraded V2 Fury with new MVD Zeso hanlde and trigger mechanism (Grip is the same as the original version) - The new handle has an upgraded trigger mechanism for higher loads, and smoother trigger pull. Also new muzzle to allow easy line setup as well as left or right setup.

The Fury is rigged and ready to use.

A speargun designed specifically for the UK! This gun has been born following discussions with the best spearfisherman in the UK, (Including multiple times British Champions). Between us all we have fully tested the range to ensure highest quality and suitability, as well as most importantly ability to catch fish! With Over 200 years of combined experience of UK Spearfishing to find the preferred setup, which working with our key partner Speardock we have produced this high end set of guns. Why did we do this? Following frustration of all other guns being designed for conditions/sea’s very different to the UK, coming with setups suited to those specific countries/regions, not the UK. Often being far over powered, heavy thick spears and basically designed for somewhere else! What is the setup and why? Components selected from different manufacturers to ensure highest quality on every part. The setup of 6.5m spear (with shark fins) and single 16mm rubber is considered to be the ideal UK setup used by the top Spearfisherman, for perfect power, speed and penetration. Every gun will come setup/rigged and ready to go, with a high quality bungee and mono/crimps. If purchased with a reel this will also be setup with the line and rigged ready to go (including bungee/Mono/cirmps) Handle by MVD Engineering. Made of anti-corrosive, UV radiation resistant Zytel® heavy duty material powered by DuPont™ with zero water adsorption, for maximum buoyancy. Big loading butt to maximize efficiency during use without compromising the shot. Special rubber handle grip from NYLABOND™ material powered by DuPont™ to minimise recoil feedback during use. Durable integrated hook just below the grip Stainless Steel 316L Marine Trigger mechanism certified for a load up to 345kg. Left or right line release mechanism & inox trigger safety Aluminum Barrel by Tarpon Spearfishing. Extremely light, impact resistant painted, 28mm/26mm aircraft grade special aluminium alloy with an extruded spear shaft rail guide that runs along its full length. This rail makes it easier to reload the gun and supports the spear.  Much more importantly though it adds a lot of rigidity allowing for greater rubber loads to be put on before flex becomes an issue. The barrel is watertight with solid stoppers installed at both ends. Muzzle (Open) By Tarpon Spearfishing. Glass reinforced nylon construct. Compact shape for less weight and easy aiming. The rubber socket can host two circular rubber bands if required. Stainless steel reel line eye. High End spear with shark fins down the spear for use with Dyneema Wishbones. Rubbers By C4 Carbon – Orange Bull model, exclusively made for C4 by Primeline Industries, this new latex tubing features a fluorescent orange colour. The 16mm speargun rubber developed for C4 is dipped 125 times. After the initial “soak off”, which is a loss of stretch inherent in every rubber, a 9% loss for Primeline standard-built occurs, whilst the C4 Orange Bull loses less than 2% per hour. 16mm Standard Outside Diameter, 5/8”OD, with a 3,2mm/1/8”ID hole, this rubber has the most reliable and renown advantages of pull effort and power. This thickness is an ever-popular standard of the speargun industry. Combines all the advantages of power, pull effort up to 350% and Primeline’s construction renowned properties. Reel (optional) By MVD Engineering - Vertical Soft Touch Arrow XS reel (XS being extra small, so you hardly notice its on the gun!). Inox Steel 316 L Marine framework. Main axle made of high-quality low friction Acetal Plastic. Free-spool operation. Fully adjustable auto-release brake mechanism. Ergonomic design. Robust support base and minimum effect on buoyancy and agility. Can store up to 20m of 1.5mm Dyneema.  Who is this gun for? Absolutely anyone!! Every component is high end, but its the simplicity which defines it.  This makes it an ideal gun for anyone from beginner to the most experienced/demanding.