C4 Primeline 16mm Rubber - by the metre

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Exclusively made for C4 by Primeline Industries, this new latex tubing features a fluorescent orange colour

Since 1982 Primeline Industries has produced the highest quality latex tubing for the spearfishing industry. Primeline has developed a unique latex tubing with unique properties that improve the performance of any spearguns and this quality is recognised unanimously around the world.

The latex raw material is a milky substance extracted from plants principally the Hevea Brasiliensis. Unlike other producers Primeline doesn’t dry the substance prior to working it thereby not breaking the polymer chain. The outcome is a more elastic rubber with higher resistance to tear.

Primeline’s unique physical properties are owed by the production process known as continuous dip which creates pure latex rubber in layer after layer. This long and laborious process creates a superior rubber. It produces a virtually protein free latex with more anti- oxidants than any other latex which it owes it’s long aging properties to.

The 16mm speargun rubber developed for C4’s new STANDARD rubber is dipped 125 times.

16mm Standard Outside Diameter. 5/8” OD with a 3,2mm / 1/8” ID hole this rubber has the most reliable and renown advantages of pull effort and power. This thickness is an ever popular standard of the speargun industry. Combines all the advantages of power, pull effort to 350% and Primeline’s properties.

Sold by the metre