C4 Plasma XL Mask

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Our Review ‘Great field of vision and really comfortable. Great little design that really works’ PLASMA is a mask made in anallergic silicone and it is designed specifically for free diving and spearfishing. It features a wide field of vision and an extremely reduced internal volume. The field of vision of PLASMA has been optimized thanks to two factors: the geometry of the lenses and the reduced distance of the lenses from the eyes. This has been achieved by manufacturing the mask in a single piece. PLASMA XL has a similar geometry and technical features but it’s been designed 10% larger than the standard PLASMA, increasing the comfort but not compromising the small internal volume. • Mask Skirt made in 50°shA soft silicone with a variable thickness and matt internal finish. • Anatomical adjustable silicone strap. • Ultra resistant 3mm tempered glass. • Polycarbonate buckles TECHNICAL FEATURES • LARGHEZZA / WIDTH: 157MM • ALTEZZA / HEIGHT: 59MM • ALTEZZA / HEIGHT: 123CM3 • ALTEZZA / HEIGHT: 22CM2