Fins4u is back, with a facelift!

Posted by David Stephens on 25th Sep 2020

Fins4u is back, with a facelift!

Welcome to our blog, which is now part of our new updated website!

What happened last week!?!

Unfortunately we lost several days with our website being down.  This was caused by an attempted move to a new host for the website (our existing host was closing down due to covid).  Due to technical issues we couldn't get the original website back up and running.  Luckily we had been working on a new website anyway, which we have gone live with, albeit earlier than expected! 

What have we been upto?

Apart from the website issues above, we have been testing lots of new fins (and other equipment) with a view to these new products appearing on the website. Examples include the new C4 Carbon Gladius Speargun (just wow!), the Tarpon Argentum Fins (how a pair of fins can be so light and reactive is beyond me), plus some other really exciting products for which more details will be announced shortly.

Whats the plan?

We will be continuing to look at fins and what we feel are great options for you!  Not just spearfishing/Freediving, we are also looking at some new Underwater Hockey fins (when pools open again!).

The Big news!

With our new partnership with Spear dock it has opened the door for lots of new an exciting products, which we are working hard to be in a position to start providing.  These are not just all off the shelf products, and will include some 'special projects/products' for which we are 'buzzing' to get going!  Our ethos is very much around making sure we test/use anything we sell, so sometimes things take longer to get out the door (this allows us to advise based on experience rather than just words from a catalogue!)

Over the next couple of weeks you will see lots of new products appearing including Fins (that's a surprise!), Wetsuits, Spearguns, Masks and other accessories. This will include really fast shipping options, and also immediate pick up!

We are really excited about whats coming up, so hopefully you can join us on this journey and take advantage of what we have to offer.

Think that's about it for now, hope you all stay safe in the crazy times we currently live in

Ps. If anyone has any suggestions on what they would like to see on the blog, please contact us and let us know!