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Atlantico 90

PS - We have done one more turn... We have put our technicians, collaborators and fishermen to work, giving everything in our power to research, develop, evolve and perfect a new rifle, the older brother of the "Cantabrico", the "Atlantico".

The strengths on which our philosophy is based are manageability, precision, power and range. The constant search for perfection made us expand that range of characteristics that had to prevail when a weapon was accurate and manageable.

This rifle was born from the need to fish in breakwater areas where visibility increases and it is necessary to make distant shots without having to get close to the prey at all.

All this has been achieved simply by providing the "Atlantico" with a little more mass than the "Cantabrico", but the main work focused on ensuring that mass did not diminish the maneuverability of the weapon.

The aim of this gun is that it makes it easier to make long and instinctive shots and quick movements.



Like all the rifles we have, the wood used in the manufacture of them is carefully chosen, totally dry through natural processes and with optimal humidity conditions that give us reliability in the final product. Taking into account that the wood is already completely dry from our suppliers; we make sure that the wood has a minimum of 2 years in our facilities before being processed.



The shaft is made up of four lateral sheets and a central one of different wood, which helps to give stability to the whole.
All the machining of our rifles are made of CNC machine, which ensures great quality and perfection in all finishes.
The section of the shaft and its mass have been increased with respect to the "Cantabrico", with which we have managed to give it much more stability within the sea currents. The primary recoil has also been partially canceled, even using greater rod thickness, thus giving it a surprising inertia in the movements.

The final result of the shaft means that most of the mass is located in the nearest part of our handle; leaving the part of the head very sharp and hydrodynamic, allowing this enveloping design, to better collect and hide the rubber bands.


The handle is the brand's new hallmark, which makes it unique.
It is carved from a solid wooden block, in which the trigger cover has been incorporated.

It is manufactured by CNC processes, which we make sure that all our handles, both right-handed and left-handed, come out completely the same and with the same angle.

The handle is assembled to the shaft by means of a double tail of Milano, which makes it impossible for it to be a weak point.

It is an ergonomic handle, with a small support for the thumb

The handle also has a "grip" carved into the wood itself to prevent it from slipping.


The rifle is mounted as standard with MVD Predator delayed firing mechanism, made entirely of stainless steel with a built-in thread holder, a 17.5mm Progressive rubber of the Primeline brand and a Pathos spear of 6.25mm with shark fins

Optional reel available


Precision remains absolute, now with more kinetic energy thanks to the higher rod caliber and rubber power. All this means that the rifle does not react strangely, due to the absorption of the primary recoil by the greater mass of the rifle. We have also thought about the secondary recoil, and for this we have raised the rubber bands to the maximum in the head (almost parallel to the rod) and also raised the handle to the maximum, placing it practically aligned with the center of mass of the spear.

Another important feature is the deep integral guide that carries the rifle throughout its travel; this allows us to give a greater coefficient of stretch to the rubber and also to focus even more, if possible, the center of mass.


The rifle has a final finish of several layers of a special varnish to provide total impermeability of the wood and to give it a homogeneous appearance. The finish will be matte to avoid reflections.