Pure Carbon Fins by Pepe Vina

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100% Pure Carbon blades fitted to Pathos Foot pockets.
 CARBON blades with excellent propulsion and a unique design that helps you move with minimal effort both on the surface and whilst diving. 

IDEAL FOR ALL KINDS OF FISHING - Very responsive without any side slipping or cavitation due to its unique and exclusive design, devised and tested by Pepe Viña. Pepe is a previous world, european and Spanish champion, having also been one of the original designers from Picasso.

he blades come in one stiffness - Medium Blade weight - 238 grams

Blade length - 80cms, Blade width - 19.5cms

Pathos Footpocket -  Now in the new soft version 

36-38 – 232mm x 94mm

38-40 – 242mm x 96mm

40-42 – 255mm x 98mm

42-44 – 265mm x 100mm

44-46 – 280mm x 100mm

46-48 – 290mm x 103mm

48-50 – 300mm x 105mm Width, measured from widest point (all internal measurements)

Your fins will arrive ready to go! We carefully take the time to ensure that the blades are stuck to the footpockets, with a professional finish.

This process can take a few days, allowing us to trim the blade so it fits the foot pocket perfectly so that the angle is the correct place for optimum performance.

Please call us on  07595 466393 to discuss your specific details/requirements/sizing, or just for a general chat!

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These fins come with a 12 month manufacturer's guarantee