'Pepe Vina' World Champion Speargun

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Speargun designed and assembled by Pepe Vina himself. Based on his preferred setup (as used to become world champion), with little tweaks made to setup, which make a big difference.

Closed Muzzle, 16mm bands, 6.25 notched spear, articulated wishbone and mono line with crimps (including bungee).

Little tweaks include removal of safety catch (only safe gun is an unloaded one), slight bend to the end of the flopper (barb), rubber covering on the crimps plus a few other little changes.

Who is Pepe Vina?

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World Champion, European Champion, Several times Spanish champion as well as numerous other titles.

Pepe worked with Alessandro Picasso and Jose Amenguel to design and build the Picasso range of Spearfishing equipment in the 1990s, which included the 'Twin' speargun (with two spears and trigger mechs!)

Pepe is currently coach of the Spanish National Team