Pathos Laser

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Our Review ‘Serious amount of gun for the price where you wont go wrong. Accurate, top quality spears as standard with Pathos (strong and Tri-cut) as well as reactive rubbers. Nice balance and feel, also with the reverse trigger mech you can use a shorter gun without sacrificing range’ Designed both for entry level and experienced spearos, the Laser is a lightweight and powerful railgun. It's compact, minimal, hydrodynamic and very maneuverable.
It comes with 6.5mm Sandvik notched shaft with a single barb and a tri-cut point. Open Karina muzzle for screw-on rubber bands with socket for an additional band, allows quick shaft replacing and offers great aiming view. Anatomic handle D'Angelo II low profile with  new stainless steel reverse trigger mechanism adds extra 7cm of loading length and the shaped grip in white color fits in every spearo's right hand. Ergonomic design, standard loading pad, reel base, 19.0mm black over amber bands with plastic threads for extreme power. Articulate wishbone, short.  Fully anodized aluminum barrel 1.25mm thickness, integrated shaft rail with sharkskin coating for minimizing friction. All Pathos reels can be fitted.