Pathos Carbon Speargun

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Pathos Carbon - 82cm Gun

Designed both for entry level and experienced spearos, the Pathos Carbon is a lightweight and powerful railgun. It's compact, minimal, hydrodynamic and very maneuverable.
It comes with 6.5mm Sandvik notched shaft with a single barb and a tri-cut point. Closed muzzle for screw-on rubber bands with socket for an additional band. Handle D'Angelo I low profile with reverse trigger mechanism that adds extra 7cm of arming length.

Ergonomic design, removable loading pad, reel base, 19.0mm black over amber bands with plastic threads for extreme power. Articulate wishbone, short. 

30mm Carbon barrel 2,00mm thick provides stiffness, low profile carbon rail minimizes friction.

All Pathos reels can be fitted.