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NEW WETSUIT: CARBON SKIN made with a revolutionary SMOOTH SKIN / OPEN CELL NEOPRENE CARBON SKIN is made with a smooth skin / open cell neoprene.

The material differs from the material used for classic smooth skin / open cell neoprene wetsuits as the external smooth skin is coated with a polyurethane film, with a carbon fiber finish, which makes the material highly resistant to abrasion and tear.

This special neoprene simplifies the wearing and stripping of the wetsuit by making it a safer operation.

CARBON SKIN, thanks to these features, can be used when spearfishing in situations where the wetsuit is exposed to interference with the sea bottom and rocks. The external coating also protects the wetsuit from UV rays.

CARBON SKIN has all the mechanical advantages featured by standard smooth skin / cell wetsuits versus wetsuits with lining such as: softness, elasticity and the property of drying very fast.

This neoprene also features a higher thermal capacity compared to a standard neoprene rubber of the same thickness. In other words, it behaves like a macro cell rubber when it comes to elasticity and softness but ias micro cell rubber neoprene when it is at the peak of its compression, at high depths.

This last feature is easily encountered as the floatability of the wetsuit is also increased so as to require, for a wetsuit made with a standard neoprene of the same thickness, an additional 0.5/1.0Kg of weight on the belt.

The elastic memory of this neoprene is superior making it more resistant to compression over time. The pants and jacket have a preformed and anatomical design. Wrists and ankles feature a reinforcement made in folded neoprene.

CARBON SKIN features the new “Easy Lock” button system, designed by C4. These locks have been specifically designed to lock the jacket in position in the crotch area minimising obstruction and allowing the diver to unlock the jacket with just one hand.

Available from early July 2021 Jacket + Pants 5.5. mm Available from the end of September 2021 7.5 mm Jacket + 6.5 mm Pants

NB - This suit is not availble online and is an exclusive to specific partners only of C4.  please contact us for prices and availbility direct.




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    Carbon skin

    Posted by Dan on 7th Oct 2021

    Extremely well made, so warm and lightweight, well worth the money for sure. And it doesn’t rip!!!