Posted by Dave Stephens on 8th Feb 2024

1-2-1 Spearfishing Coaching

Coming soon in 2024.

Due to numerous requests over the last couple of years!

Spearfishing 1-2-1 coaching sessions with 2 x British Champion Dave Stephens in Dorset. (or optional spearfishing charters)


Due to commitments around national/international competitions etc, days will be limited, but can be quite flexible.

RIB stored in Portland which will allow movement around specific dive sites, to make sure sessions cover the type of ground required for the sessions. (if preference is for beach diving this can also be arranged)


Why coaching?

Coaching vs Training/courses - Training is designed to teach specific skills, whereas coaching as far more tailored to the individual. Think of training as step 1 and coaching as step 2. (Would recommend standard courses to learn the basics around duck dive, breath hold, finning technique and equalisation for example - For this in Dorset, UK Freediving record holder Dave Mellor is highly recommended).

Ahead of a session or sessions we will look to build an individual profile for example:

  • Where do you fish?
  • What type of ground?
  • What size/type guns do you fish with/have available
  • Which species do you usually target/want to target
  • Depth you’re comfortable in
  • Specific techniques to work on/improve
  • Strengths/weaknesses
  • What you want to achieve.

From this kind of information a specific session/sessions can be planned, so you get as much as possible out of them.

Cost - £300 per full day (1-2-1), this includes Boat/fuel (with warm shower facilities in the marina!) and insurance- option for half days available if preferred.

*Each person will have the option to recieve a special discounted or free product, depending on what is felt will benefit them the most.

For more information and availability please email or call 07595 466393

NB. This is not for complete beginners, but for those looking to improve